how to be a revolutionary

    i am always serious.

  • publish an e-zine.

  • memorize "howl".

  • create a standard look for your propaganda.

  • make "a scene."

  • go directly to jail. do not pass go. and definately do not collect $200.

  • compose and hand out "literature." (note that it is not enough to publish just on the internet.

  • eat curds and way. (while this has nothing really no direct connection with being a revolutionary, doing crazy things sets you apart as strange and perhaps strangely credible in peoples' minds. although such a plan could back-fire and you could be viewed as the creepy fuck-up you are, we ignore such a possibility as just too cynical.)

  • shave with a knife or not at all, but none of this half-way-cream bullshit (despite whatever your dermatologist may tell you).

  • Get press --however which way you can (remember: any press is fuckin press).

    you realize that a prerequisite for all of this is that you must have a cause. blindly stabbing in the dark does no good for anyone, except your critics. also, being too revolutionary alienates you so much that you will only fuck shit up after you die. and then you'll be dead.
inspired by 79 percent of americans missing the point entirely of which i'd like to add driving your car to the harley davidson shop.
subconscious inspiration

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