What makes you weird?

What does most (>75%) of the population (of your country) do that you do not?

Note that I'm not asking what makes you unique.  For example, I'm an INTJ, which is one of those 1% personality types. However, it's not like 99% of people are one personality type and then us INTJs are the other one. There are 16 Myers-Briggs types, so this doesn't count, although it certainly contributes to my uniqueness.

I'm looking for (at least almost) binary things. The first thing I thought of is that don't drink, but it turns out 40% of Americans don't drink.  So that doesn't count.

Here's some things that seem to count (with my % estimates):
  • I have a graduate degree (10% of US pop>25). (A bachelor's degree doesn't cut it any more as 27% of the US population over 25 has one.)
  • I went to a top-10 school (3% of school goers).
  • I am a business owner (15% of US pop>25).
  • I did not get a job after school. (I started a business instead.)  I can't find a stat here, but I'm sure it is very low.
  • I'm a stay-at-home Dad (1% of dads).
  • I blog (12% of Internet users).

What about you?


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