Free DuckDuckGo Stickers



A few months ago I ordered 1,000 stickers for DuckDuckGo from StickerRobot, and then gave them all away for free to DuckDuckGo newsletter subscribers. (I had a lot of takers.)

So a few weeks ago, I ordered 3,000 more and 1,000 bigger ones, which are pictured above. Now I'm giving them away (still for free) to any DuckDuckGo user who wants them.

I need help spreading the search engine, and I think this is a fun way to do so. These are high quality, weather-proof stickers, so they should be good on your car or on a high-traffic area, in addition to your laptop.


To get them off my desk and into your hands, simply send me your name and address and I'll put some in the mail!


If you have comments, hit me up on Twitter.
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