hacker angels

hacker angels is a new group of hackers who are also angel investors. The group currently consists of myself, Joshua Schachter, Jeff MillerRoy Rodenstein and Jim Young

You can follow us all on twitter via the new hacker-angels list. You can also email us at ha@hackerangels.com.

We are all generally looking to invest in other hacker entrepreneurs like ourselves. We are also looking for other hacker angels to join us.

I believe that there are many good hacker entrepreneurs who are not getting the funding or advice they need to get traction for their startups. I also believe hackers relate well with other hackers, which is why I think the concept of hacker angels is so compelling.

We're currently just an informal group that I'm sure will evolve as we get interaction and new members. I look forward to hearing from you!


If you have comments, hit me up on Twitter.
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