Weird eHow Web spam redirects to As does

If you actually go to the link, you get this message at the top:

Hi There! isn't available, but you're still in a good place -- We think we might have what you're looking for.

Doubt it.

Both domains have as an A record, which is different than the redirect IP. And both have proxied whois records. However, they all have the same Server headers:

Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
X-Powered-By: ASP.NET

So I'm inclined to believe these domains are actually powered by eHow, which isn't too surprising since eHow is owned by Demand Media.

I wonder how many of these domains are out there? I found these two because they happen to both be part of my spam/parked domains training set.

I'm starting crawl #18 to detect and weed out such domains from DuckDuckGo. Each time I start a crawl I make sure I have no existing false positives or negatives in my training set.

Interestingly, every time a lot of domains flip from parked to unparked and visa-versa. These two fell into the false negative category since I wasn't labeling these pages as spam. Maybe I should...


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