DuckDuckGo implements HTTPS Everywhere

"HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox extension produced as a collaboration between The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It encrypts your communications with a number of major websites."

DuckDuckGo is one of these websites. And now when you use the encrypted version, the same ruleset in HTTPS Everywhere is now applied to DDG links.

For example, that means that all links to Wikipedia will go to their encrypted (https) site. Here's the full list of sites it works for at the moment: Amazon, DDG, EFF, Facebook, Gentoo, Gmail, GMX, Google,, Ixquick,,, Meebo, Microsoft, Mozilla, Noisebridge, NYTimes, PayPal, Scroogle, Tor, Twitter, WashingtonPost, Wikipedia, Wordpress and Zoho.  

You do not need to install the add-on to get this functionality, or even use Firefox. It is built into the back-end of the https version of DuckDuckGo. I've updated the privacy policy to include a mention of this feature.

I thought it was fitting to complete and launch it today because DDG is currently featured on Slashdot for our Tor exit enclave. It's also the 2yr launch anniversary--hence the party duck currently on the homepage.


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