DuckDuckGo/blekko search partnership


I'm happy to announce DuckDuckGo (the search engine I run) is partnering with blekko (another search engine startup). I'm sure the partnership will evolve over time, but right now we're using some of their auto-firing slashtags and they're using some of our Zero-click Info.

On our end, we're using their technology to improve results in really spammy categories like health. So now if you search for cure for headaches the top links will be from more trustworthy sources. We're also using their APIs to offer sort by date functionality, which has been an oft-requested feature since launch. The former (slashtag stuff) will happen automatically; the latter (date stuff) you can get to through the drop down next to the search box (select Sort by Date) or by putting !date after your query, or sort:date.

On their end, blekko is currently using some of our Zero-click Info to offer snippets on Web sites. For example, if you search for DuckDuckGo on blekko, you can now click 'info' underneath many of the link titles, and get a pop-up with info about that site.

The long-term goal of DuckDuckGo is to get as many people as possible to want to use it as their primary search engine because of a great search user experience. We use a lot of APIs to do that, and now blekko is one of them. They're doing some cool things and I'm glad we can work together at search innovation.

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