DuckDuckGo Twitter homepages



DuckDuckGo now has Twitter homepages, which allow you to use any twitter user or list to enhance your search homepage.

We automatically bring in the Twitter background of the featured user. The picture on the right is the homepage using Kanye West's twitter

It's a fun way to get some personalization while staying up to date with the headlines, your favorite celebrity or league.

Twitter lists work as well, so you can use someone else's curated list or your own list (as long as its public).

We're currently using the Publitweet Twitter widget, which is enhanced by to provide in-line snippets when links are present. There is also a quick view link that opens the link in an in-line frame.

You can start from our Twitterfy page or look for Twitter in the settings (under Interface). You can also reach any page by hand just add the user or list to the end of, e.g. or (for a list). I currently have mine set to @jeffmiller's @newsyc150 feed.

I want to thank Jordan Kanarek for helping me put this new feature together and Robert Scoble for breaking the launch (check out his list). DuckDuckGo is transitioning from more of a one-man-show to a solidly group effort. While I am still the only full-time person, a number of people (including Jordan) have made significant contributions. A lot of this effort comes together on our forum ( and our IRC channel (#duckduckgo).


If you have comments, hit me up on Twitter.
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