DuckDuckGo FOSS Donations 2011

I recently made most of DuckDuckGo's 2011 FOSS donations: half directed by our company and half directed by our community. Over fifty nominations were made on, which like last year we grouped into a theme and culled for biggest perceived impact.

The theme for this year is open data/information, inspired in large part by the SOPA/PIPA debate and related activities. To that end we donated $940 to each of the following projects.

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"Users should be able to use web services they love but keep their life stored in one place they control - a home folder for the web."


"Now you don't have to settle for having your [social network] data on someone else's server."


"Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment."


"Share files, chat on forums, browse and publish, anonymously and without fear of blocking or censorship."


"What if [social networks] were all inter-connected?"


"Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world."

For the company portion, we decided again to donate to something critical to our architecture (last year it was to nginx and FreeBSD). This year we're donating to Perl. Our original plan was to donate to the Perl 5 Maintenance Fund, but the recent huge and awesome contributions by and Craigslist rendered that plan less impactful. 

So instead we plan to sprinkle our donation (~$6K in the aggregate) across a variety of events that seem to need it, so far the QA Hackathon (upcoming in Paris), YAPC::NA (upcoming in Madison, WI, USA) and soon YAPC::Europe (upcoming in Frankfurt). If you know of any other Perl projects where some extra cash would really make a difference, please let us know. We're not opposed to going over the allotted amount for specific needs.

Thank you to everyone who nominated projects. There were a ton of good projects worthy of contribution, some of which we hope to donate to in the future. Thank you especially to AGreenEarth and bee.keeper for helping to organize all the nominations.


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