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I'm happy to announce that you can now pre-order Traction Book on Amazon! My blog has been silent this year because I've been using all that time to finally get this book out the door.
Justin and I interviewed more than forty successful founders over the past five years, and researched countless more traction stories. Our book is not a transcribed interview book, however. Instead, we recognized patterns and synthesized all of this traction learning into a framework for getting traction called Bullseye. That's why it took so long to write.

Our book is in two sections. The first five chapters lay out Bullseye. Essentially, this process involves targeted experimentation with a few carefully chosen traction channels, followed by a laser focus on the one that is working. It is designed to systematically uncover strategies for getting traction that you wouldn't have found using other approaches. We also cover a variety of strategic and tactical traction issues such as how to allocate your time pursuing traction, how to think about fundraising and pivoting with respect to traction, and generally how to maximize your chances of getting traction.

The second section has one chapter for each of the nineteen traction channels: viral marketing, public relations (PR), unconventional PR, search engine marketing (SEM), social and display ads, offline ads, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, engineering as marketing, targeting blogs, business development, sales, affiliate programs, existing platforms, community building, trade shows, offline events and speaking engagements. Through our research we've found that each of these traction channels has worked for startups of all kinds and in all different stages.

Traction Book is for all startup founders and employees seeking more traction. You can download the first chapter for free by signing up for our mailing list at We also have a discussion forum with lots of traction resources organized per channel at Enjoy and pre-order!


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