@yegg Meeting Primer


Richard Stallman has a famously awesome rider he gives out to hosts when he travels to speak. He also has a much smaller personal FAQ for public consumption. These documents increase the probability that meeting with RMS will be a success.

I think this concept has wider applicability. When you meet someone for the first time, it would help to know a few things about their preferred meeting parameters. A meeting primer, if you will. To that end, below is a basic @yegg meeting primer (for myself).

To be clear, I am in no way comparing myself to RMS.  I'm writing this up for two reasons. First, I get a lot of requests to meet and I repeat myself a lot. This primer should help to speed up some of those interactions. Second, I would love to see more meeting primers exist so I could use them myself!

  • For Startup Advice. Every few weeks I hold open hours. This is time I set aside to give startup advice (background on format). It is in person, as I try to focus specific startup advice on my local startup community. If you are not local, feel free to give me a blog post suggestion.

  • Traveling. I have young kids, a working wife and no nearby family, which makes traveling right now very non-trivial for me. As a result, I pretty much always decline unless it is critical for DuckDuckGo.

  • Timing. I'm on the eastern US timezone. I am by default unavailable from 6-8:45AM and 4:30-7:45PM since I try hard to spend that time with my family. I also generally have standing meetings 3-4 M-Th and 11:30-1:30 on Fri.

  • Location. I live in Valley Forge, PA and DuckDuckGo HQ in in Paoli, PA, where I am most weekdays. Our office is a 5min walk from Amtrak/SEPTA. I don't make it into Philly proper that much, mainly because it takes a big chunk of my working day to do so. In other words, I am much more likely to meet in a reasonable timeframe if you come out to our office.

  • Communication. I prefer initial communication via Twitter, and then email thereafter. I really don't like txt or talking on the phone, and if I need to do something synchronous I prefer video chat over the alternatives, including meeting in person. It's just more efficient.

  • Food & Drink. I'm not very picky. I don't drink alcohol or coffee, but don't at all mind meeting at a bar or coffeehouse.


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